ONE YEAR LATER!!! Shout out to some of my fav Peeps!

Addition: It’s officially one year later! I have hit my goals and now it’s time to continue my life. I think the best way to celebrate this one year anniversary and hitting my goal by reposting one of my first posts!

Read below (orginally published on October 24, 2011).

I would like to add a special thank you to Joni Florence for being an amazing source of support and motivation! You are amazing women!!! Huge thank you to everyone at Zen Fitness that follows this blog and motivates me to keep going. And now for the original post……..


None of this could not have been made possible without the help of certain people and I would like to take a moment to say THANKS to those folks:

Dear Carly Asse,

Words will never be able to thank you enough for all that you have done for me and the new life you have given me. Your inspiration and motivation has gotten me through every tough time on my journey and you have always been on my side. I appreciate everything and could never thank you enough! I look forward to creating a world eating revolution with you! I love you.

Word up Chelsea Wright,

You starting this whole thing and can be credited with leading me to this opportunity. Your training for the first part will for ever be remembered as “Chelsea training”. Our long phone conversation of me ranting about something stupid and you asking about Spike is the only thing that has calmed me down at time. We will always have frantic phone calls that calm us both down, failed lunges that end up with me in Matt Bakos’s car, and that exercise that gave me the view up your shorts! Much love to you as well!

All the Zen Fitness Trainers,

You all see me every day and keep me laughing. Thank you for all of your kind words of encouragement and for keeping me laughing at the gym. Special shot out to Rodney Jackson for putting up with my crazy walk/run attempt outside and for every early morning training, Reggie Washington (aka “windmill”) for letting me do my first pull up ever, Gary McClain for keeping everything real and understanding that my body could not move like a thin persons, and Jason Anthony for all your words of encouragement. Matt Bakos, I haven’t forgotten you….thank you for having a car that I fell into when I tried to do my first lunge, it broke my fall nicely.

The WalkAbout Shop,

Thank you for supplying me with the best pair of shoes I have EVER owned. I have run more in these shoes than I have in my entire life. It is unbelievable what a difference a good pair of shoes make! Thank you!

Dr Jacobson and Dr Martin of Progressive Orthodontics,

While I was never self conscious about my weight, I always hated my smile. After loosing 100 lbs, I smiled much more. Thank you so much for making my smile as pretty as I feel! I am forever grateful!

Sandy Blaser, Pam Perry, and Barb Caputo,

You ladies are so inspirational to me! I have seen you all kick major butt in the gym and still be hot mammas! Your fitness levels are something that everyone should strive for and your personalities outshine your fitness. Thank you for being a role model to everyone.

Friends (you all know who you are),

Thank you for all of your support, care and concern.Melissa Amos, thank you for unconditionally supporting me in all of my ventures, BFF for life! Kim MARSH, thank you for the loaves of vegan bread left on my doorstep, for the motivational $1/lb you pay in gift certificates for new clothes, and for always listening to me. Wendy and Karen, thank you for taking notice of the vegan lifestyle and giving it a try! Isaac Finger, thank you for the hours spent in the gym doing cardio and staring at the hotties. Jessica Slane, thank you trying to go to the gym with me….hehe. Thank you to everyone I can’t write down right now because the battery on my lap top is dying.

Now to thanks those that didn’t intend to help me, but they did:

All those folks that questioned by diet and all of a sudden were nutritionists after I started this program

Thank you for making me realize that I have yet to wake up craving protein, B12, Iron, or anything else for that fact. Thank you for also NOT helping me when I was 345 lbs but then giving me all of your advise when I was losing weight. It helped me to realize that the general public is not educated about what is healthy and wholesome for your body and recognizing the need to show people how amazing a vegan lifestyle can be.

The lady that interrupted my lunch at a restaurant

Thank you for reminding me that there will always be stupid people who think they know better than me. Thank you for interrupting my relaxing lunch to ask me rude and invasive questions about my diet and exercise plan. Thank you for educating me on the recovery time of lap band surgery, since you think I had that procedure done. I did not know anything about it, since I changed my life a better way of eating and exercise and was not looking for the quick fix.

The gentleman that searched my shopping cart at the grocery store for “bad” things

Thank you for making me realize that even though I am healthier than I ever have been, I still can’t block idiots from thinking what they want to think. Did you find what you were looking for in my shopping cart…because I forgot to put that steak and cheese in there just for you 🙂 None the less, thank you acknowledging my accomplishment and stressing how unbelievable it is. It is pretty remarkable how much a simple change to a vegan lifestyle can change so much!

Thank you to everyone I have forgotten to mention but still love dearly!! (how about that for a catch-all!)


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