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Running the Greenway in North Carolina 5/26/2014

Running the Greenway in North Carolina 5/26/2014

Most of you follow this blog for the vegan recipes, but some of you know that this blog was originally created as a way to replace my old school “Fat Diary” that I was keeping as I was on my journey to a healthy lifestyle. Let’s face it, these days kids don’t know how to write…but they can type faster than most adults. I am one of those…my handwriting says I should be a doctor, but my spelling and grammar ability says I should go back to third grade 🙂 None the less, I would like to litter this blog with more reflective moments while continuing to give good food recipes.

It’s been a while since I’ve done a reflection in this blog, so I’ll give you the quick readers digest version of what’s going on with me. When I was 29 years old, I was approached by the owner of Zen Fitness to be filmed for a weight loss documentary called Unsupersize Me. You can see the film at Unsupersize Me. Film was completed and premiere and have inspired many. Numerous proud moments happened along this journey…but then what?!? I have completed a marathon, made friends, lost friends, changed jobs a few times, inspires some, and made others upset. Guess what, life goes on

Yes I continue to journey to inspire others to be healthy and happy and I have quite a few upcoming speaking engagements to do so. I love telling the story of how I went from 345 lbs to a much healthier weight now (see how I didn’t mention what that was?!?!?- tricky!).  I’m SO VERY HONORED to be speaking at the 2015 SuperHero Weekend in LA,  to talk about my villains and my “superhero powers”! Vegetarian Summerfest will be a blast too! I’m also excited to speak at the local running group about how I went from not being able to run a block, to completing marathons. BUT….I think the #1 thing that people need to realize is that SO MUCH more goes into being healthy than what you can do in the gym and at the dinner table. So I’m just gonna spit some stuff out for all to read and maybe digest a little.

1. I will gain weight. I will also lose weight. And I KNOW exactly how to do both. You also know what to do to as well, there are no secrets.

2. Weight is NOT a reflection of my happiness. I will have happy days, sad days, crazy days, sane days, mad days and glad days. The challenge is to find out what makes each day happen and embrace them.

3. No one can tell you what you should be, ought to look like, how to act, who you should be friends with and what type of job you should have, but yourself.

4. EVERYONE makes mistakes. Mistake making is easy….figuring out how to not do it again, is the tough part.

5. You do not have to follow the crowd. You also do not have to lead them. You just gotta move ahead at your own pace.

6. Friendships and relationships should never have limits or barriers.

7. And finally if you are reading this and saying “heck yes!” you should make a list of your own. Don’t follow exactly what I say or do.


Since losing weight, I have had much time to grow as a person. I moved to another state and refreshed my eyes. I’m making new friends and allowing myself to be vulnerable in relationships. Most of all, I’m realized that I have accomplished an extraordinary goal, but that it continues. My weight will always fluctuate but my happiness does not have to follow. Inside of my happiness being a result of the weight, I’m going to turn it around and make my weight a result of my happiness. And with that, I wanted to sincerely thank every last of your who follow my blog (I’m about to hit 5,000) and to warn you that my next recipe will be a dessert. HAHAH! It’s ok, I ran 6 miles today!

Much Love and Positive Energy to you all!!!



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