Let’s Catch up!!!

Hi all!!!

I realized today that I haven’t done a blog in a little while that simply explained where I am in my life now! There are tons going on and it’s an amazing journey!!! My type A personality makes me want to organize this by numbering them…so here goes!!!

1. Tons of folks are purchasing the movie UnSuperSize me and it sincerely warms my heart to know that my story is helping to inspire others!!! Check out this trailer at WWW.UNSUPERSIZEME.COM. The movie can be purchased here for the upcoming gift season, or streamed online!

2. Carly and I have had tons of requests for public speaking appearances and film viewings. Last month we were in Tucson, Arizona, and got to see people’s reaction to the film first hand. It’s so interesting to see others reactions, since sometimes the things we find funny in the film aren’t funny to the audience and sometimes they laugh at things we did not realize was funny! But most of all, it was so inspiring to me to be able to answer questions during a Q&A session after the film. The questions were so thought out, and very honest. It was probably the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done. They really cared about me and my journey! Check out a small clip of this session here

3. We have received tons of reviews…some even international stating how inspirational the movie is! This is such an honor!!!! Veganism, EyesIn Magazine, a German vegan site, RunSpiration, blogger Bianca Phillips, Podcast, Favorite Run Community and much more!!! We have been busy spreading the word and love it!! (Reminder: the message I’m referring to is how I lost 200lbs in one year using a plant based diet and exercise, which is explained in the UnSuperSize Me Documentary).

4. I completed my 5th Half Marathon, the Marine Corps Half Marathon in Jacksonville, FL.

5. Oh yeah….I COMPLETELY MY FIRST WHOLE MARATHON!!!!!!! The Marine Corps Marathon on October 27, 2013!!! My first race ever was the Gainesville Turkey Trot 10k on November 24, 2011. Less than two years later and I have completely a marathon. Check out the amazing medal!!


6. UnsuperSize Me was asked to be part of a newscast to spread the word further. What a great honor to be on the news and as a featured speaker at the Northeast Florida Veg Fest! Loved every moment!!! Click on the links below to watch some of our new presence!!!


First Coast News

But honestly most important to me, which was way I originally started this blog back in 2011 was to help open the line the communication about obesity. Life does not have to be hard. No one has to be imprison by physical or emotional barriers. Our goal with UnSupersize Me is to help show people the easy solution to a huge problem that has plagued our world. Just think about this…three years ago, I could not go up a single flight of stairs without being winded…and now I have completed a marathon! Please if you do nothing else for your health…just watch this movie in hopes that it will inspire you to make small changes and see big results. www.unsuperszieme.com.

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2 comments on “Let’s Catch up!!!

  1. Cindi says:

    This morning while driving my son to a soccer tournament (noshing on McDs because we were running late–I’ll admit it…I am ashamed) I listened to a radio interview where you were enthusiastically talking about Unsupersize Me and an event to be held at Latitude.30.
    You got my attention. You were my AHA moment!
    I returned home and begame scouring the internet & Googling ANYTHING with the keywords “Unsupersize Me” and “Girls.Gone Green”. I stumbling.upon this blog and I want to know how I can do this too….but I have one small catch, I am handicapped–for lack of a better word. Let me explain;
    Two & a half years ago I lost 50+ lbs in a weight loss challeneg and I was feeling great–running 5Ks (even with asthma) that was until I received a massive injury at a gym which spiraled into my own personal hell. From a shattered radius and ulna which bone fragments nearly severed my muscle to my thumb, I ended up with a serious and very permanent disease called CRPS (complex regional pain syndrome). In less than a year I had not only loss the use of my hand, i had gained those 50lbs back and then some due to lessened activity (i am classified as a partial amputee because i still have my arm, I just have no use of it) and a host of medications I must take daily to combat the pain, spasms and depression. I lost my ability to work (my arm was my dominant arm and I was an afterschool art instructor).
    In short…This weight makes me unhappy. I am in pain but knowing I am shortening my life because of this weight really saddens me. I am depressed and i NEED to be healthy again even though I know the CRPS will always be here. I want to do this vegetarian diet….I want to start small and become as active as possible but WHERE and HOW do I begin???
    can you help me?

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