Veggie and Fruit Juicing like Jack!!

As I start my juice cleanse again, I re-read this blog…so should you!

UnSuperSize Me by Zen Fitness

Hi all!!!

Long time no talk! Sorry it’s been so long since my last post! Wanted to make sure it was a good one for you folks 🙂 I recently completed a 2 week juice fast and learned a lot. I want to first start by saying that I wish it wasn’t called a “juice fast” because people thought I was 1. using steroids “are you seriously on the juice???” or 2. thought I was “fasting” which generally makes people think of starving yourself. It was more like a raw vegan cleanse that gave my system a pick me up. Much like I have done with my daily diet…I kept this very simple. If I thought something would taste good together…I juiced it. I didn’t concern myself with calories, fiber, carbs, ect. I did try to make it a 60/40 ratio of veggies to fruits though! But even this line…

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