Yesterday I was having one of those days. We all have had them…we drag our butts into the gym and try to find motivation to work out. I blame “water weight” for needing more assistance on the assisted pull ups. And find any other “pre-excuse” as to why I’m not killing it in the gym that day. I dredge through an hour of weights and then go to do my cardio. While resetting my mind on a treadmill (which is my best therapy) I think about what I used to do when I first started working out.

Carly designed a cardio workout that allowed me to really feel like I was accomplishing something while not injuring myself. I was SLOW! (I’m still slow…but I’ve gotten faster when realizing how slow I used to be!). Because of my slowness, Carly suggested I use the incline on the treadmill. I was lucky enough to have easy access to a treadmill and did an hour on it every day. While I’m struggling yesterday on the treadmill, it motivated me to think about what I used to do:

First five minutes on the treadmill was at 2.5 speed walking on a flat incline

Second five minutes was 2.6 speed on a 3.0 incline (increase of .1..but still a gain!)

Third five minutes was 2.7 speed on a 6.0 incline

Fourth five-minute was 2.8 speed on a 9.0 incline (I would have to be in a good groove right now!)

From here I would work the incline back down

Fifth five minutes was at 2.9 speed at a 6.0 incline

Sixth five minutes was at 3.0 speed at a 3.0 incline (this was just over the 30 minute mark and it would motivate me to be more than halfway done).

At this point, I could get into a great zone out stage and could no longer concentrate on changing settings and I would continue for the rest of the hour at 3.0 and 3.0.

I did this for a few weeks and then would adjust the speed accordingly. I never went faster than 3.0 for quite sometime, but if I was feeling really bada** I would go up to a 12.0 incline. This combination worked for me and allowed me to adjust to my abilities at the time. Mentally it allowed me to know that even if something was extremely hard for me, it was only going to be for 5 minutes before I got some relief. I would snap a picture of the treadmill when I was done and send it to Carly to get a “good job!” which was great motivation. No one else quite understood how hard it was to push myself with cardio.


I was thinking about this yesterday, as I was walking at a 4.5 speed, and struggling. Not being able to run as well as I think I should be able to, and getting frustrated. It’s a tough battle and I have come a long way. I will probably never been the first place finisher of a race, but I will finish it.

See you at the treadmill!


One comment on “WOW…memories

  1. Maggie says:

    I was with you at that workout, you might have been struggling to motivate yourself , but you were pushing me to go beyond what I think I can do. When I am on that treadmill next to you running at 4.2 and you are walking at 4.7 it motivates the hell out of me! 3.2 miles in 49 minutes! My fastest time yet! You are truly an inspiration, motivator, honest, loving, friend, mentor. Words cannot express what your an to me and sooo many others. Love you

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