One Week Ago….the big PREMIERE!

WOW!! I can not believe that one week ago I stood on a stage in front of 100 of my closest friends, family and supporters and teared up! That’s right…I almost cried in public!! It was such an unbelievable evening for me.I’m of course referring to the movie premiere of the Unsupersize Me Documentary, that shows the year it took for 200lbs to be lost from my body!  I was so nervous going into it. The film shows a lot of embarrassing moments in my life that I would love to forget and move past! But I am now motivated to continue spreading the word of the health benefits of a vegan diet after seeing how our story helps to inspire others. It was such an honor to be a part of Carly Asse’s vision! I made lifelong friends throughout the process, some of which was thanked in this previous post:

This evening was a night of reflection. Looking back at how out lives have changed, developed, and blossomed into the wonderful places they are now. Some people left my life, others came into my life, and I have strengthened my relationships with those that were supportive throughout.

A huge thank you, from the bottom of my heart for Carly Asse and Sandy Blaser. You both are the best friends that someone could ever ask for. I love you guys!!!


Gown wearing always requires pushups!

I want to give another HUGE THANK YOU to my best friend of many years. A woman who has stood by me through thick and thin. And even though we live on opposite sides of the country, a simple phone call from her to make my day shine. Melissa Amos-Wilson, You are the best!!! Here I am doing push ups on the altar she got married on earlier this year.


One comment on “One Week Ago….the big PREMIERE!

  1. Melissa Wilson says:

    You’re welcome!

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