Unexpected GAINS!

Hi everyone!

Before everyone freaks out, the GAINS that I am referring to in the title of this blog have nothing to do with weight, but it did get me thinking about the common use of the word “gain” or “lose”. For some odd reason “losing” weight is good, but losing health, happiness, and abilities is bad. “Gaining” weight is bad, but gaining freedom, fitness and wellbeing is good. Super confusing? No…but maybe a little complicated.

Recently, I got news that a friend of mine has “secretly” started working out and have started on the journey to becoming healthy. I saw secretly, because she does not want a big deal made about it. She told me that my weight loss was an inspiration to her and it’s still a very weird thing for me to comprehend. It is VERY motivating to me to know that I could help to inspire one person to change something about their life to be happier or healthy. While not everyone choses the same path I’m taking, it is still great to know that people are taking a stance and do not want to put up with being obese anymore. This being said, I think that in general people tend to over complicate this process and concentrate too much on losing or gaining.

Carly Asse showed me how to concentrate on what was changing for me in my life that I liked and reminded me to not think about things I had given up. Because while in one hand, someone could say I lost the ability to eat animal product by becoming vegan, I also gained the ability the walk up a flight of stairs, actually really big freaking stadium stairs in a run, without getting winded. While I lost cheese and dairy from my diet, I gained better sleep, better mentality, and frankly I think I look a heck of a lot better! haha. It was simple…don’t concentrate on losses or gains, just concentrate on the positive changes that are happening. Don’t complicate things by timing when you eat a certain amount of grams of protein in correlation to your exercise routine. Keep it simple and concentrate on how you feel after you eat certain things.

Cucumber Mint Salad

Someday I want to plow through a loaf of vegan bread with processes earth balance butter. While technically this is vegan, it makes me sluggish and not feel good after I eat it. I need to concentrate on how much better I feel after I eat a bowl of spicy black bean chili topped with tomatoes, cilantro and lime instead. I don’t know how many calories I consume, how much protein I’m getting, how much sugar is in my breakfast, or what time I ate dinner last night. None of that is important to me. What is important to me is that I felt great afterwards. If I had one wish for everyone wanting to “lose” weight and “gain” happiness, it would be to just keep things simple.



I have unexpectedly gained a lot of motivation in watching others take the steps to becoming healthy. This tastes better to me than any burger ever did 🙂

Picture that hung on the wall of my house growing up! It’s the burger picture!


One comment on “Unexpected GAINS!

  1. Tracy .. Thanks for this post! As I start my weight loss journey, I will remember to keep things simple. I have been aware of the possibility of trading one obsession for another. I think keeping things simple will help with balance.

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