Foods I “Fall” in love with!

Grocery Store Inspiration

Walking to my car the other night, after leaving the gym around 8:30 I noticed something… wasn’t 10,000 degree outside!!! WOOHOOO!!! Come on fall time! I’m super excited about the weather cooling off and getting back into some races. But most of all, I’m looking forward to the good fall time recipes that include good seasonal ingredients like pumpkin, squashes, pit fruits, cranberries and the amazing sweet potato. I recently roasted up some beets and sweets (got the idea from a bag of chips at the grocery store) and you all know my love addiction to beets. This recipe is super easy and I don’t want to offend you all by posting it. Simply roast up some sliced beets and sweet potatoes. I roasted it with a little balsamic (based on a great idea from my friend Maggie!).

Something else I like to do with sweet potatoes is roast them in old bay seasoning….and I love old bay almost as much as I love beets! Try mixing basic curry powder in ketchup or Dijon mustard for a kick to your dipping sauces. It’s stellar!

But onto more complicated, but tasty, recipes!



3 cups Red lentils (I like red ones…if you want the other colors…go for it…I’ll never know!)

Can of Coconut Milk

Can of organic pumpkin

3 cups Vegetable Stock (I use the low sodium version and salt it myself afterwards)

Curry Powder

****yes I have stayed true to my simple recipe guidelines (5 ingredients or less….seasonal…and tasty!)


1. Rinse lentils and sort for ones that just don’t look right 🙂 Pour into pan and add can of coconut milk, pumpkin, curry powder and one cup of veggie stock. Bring to a simmer over low-medium heat.

2. I like to make lentils, like a risotto…slow…low..and with a lot of stirring lovin! Stir lentils and simmer until all liquid if absorbed

3. Slowly add the remaining 2 cups of stock while stirring (add a little, stir till the liquid is absorbed, then add a little more and report). I know the directions of the bag of lentils say they only take 10-15 minutes….but more time given to them equals more love in the end! Besides…stirring the pot can be fun!

4. Once all liquid is added and lentils are soft. Mixture should be thick and almost “creamy” in texture.

5. Garnish anyway you like. I prefer to top it with chopped Thai basil from my garden, and a lime wedge. But you could top it with toasted almonds and parsley, or chopped tomatoes and roasted garlic. Go to town on it!!!

6. Other options…add sweet potatoes, carrots, onions, or beets into this. I like my recipes a little more simple than most people, but feel free to play with it!.


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