Birthday Recap!!!!

Best Birthday Ever!!! One year ago!!!!

Hi All!!!

Well I’m another year older and I still feel younger than I did when I turned 29! For me, birthdays have become a day of thinking about what I have accomplished in the past year. I would say this is more than a New Years Eve Special for me! Bring on Dick Clark! This year I had personal journeys and goals I had set ahead of me, and I made them! Physically, I continue to watch my body change every day! I have noticed I will carry weight differently if I do different exercises. I will need to go up or down a size depending on what I have been doing recently (i.e. a lot of stadium climbing…and my jeans are tight in my calves!). This is all so new to me and it’s exciting to see! Take a look at my teeth transformation!!! I could never thank Progressive Orthodontics enough for all their help!!!

 Image Image


Notice: I’m just as sweaty in a cave in August 2011 as I am leaving Zen Fitness in August 2012!!!!

My journey started in January 2011 and officially concluded January 2012….or so I thought. I have learned through the past 8 months that weight loss is an on going struggle and battle and something that will be a part of my every day life. Just because I completed my year, doesn’t mean I’m over. The hardest part has been figuring out what I need to do to maintain my weight loss and finding out what works for me. I have learned that there is no set formula to follow and no generic guideline works for everyone (Sorry to all those that say 30 minutes of cardio 4 times a week is enough!) Sometimes ya just need more! Sometimes I drop a few pounds when least expected, and sometimes I gain a few. Overall I think I’m learning just to be happy and in tune with what makes me feel good. Two years ago, I celebrated my birthday with a huge group of friends at a bar in downtown Gainesville. I had a huge dinner and plenty of drinks to have a great night. Woke up the next day, and felt like someone had run me over. This year, I celebrated my birthday by running stadiums and watching the sun set from ontop of the big silver steps that have become a good friend to me. Then at my house, I continued with a new recipe for sweet potatoe burgers (recipe to follow!) and a mocktail that I jazzed up with a splurge of sparking cider and fresh raspberries. No big crowd of people, no crazy stories to tell the next day, and I loved it.

Eating well is a large part of it for me! If I eat crap, I feel like crap. Pretty damn simple if you ask me. This has been the easy part to comprehend. What I don’t understand is why I will crave crap sometimes, knowing that it will make me feel like….crap! haha. I guess that’s the missing puzzle link that millions of people would love to figure out. Best thing I can do is concentrate on how good I feel after a good meal and work out. This one of the first thing that my mentor, Mr. Juan-Carlos (Carly) Asse taught me and it works all the time!!! So I guess I can retract my previous statement about how there is no set formula to follow….my formula, as it has been from the beginning, is to eat what makes me feel my best and do work!

Stay tuned for some new recipes!!!


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