New crock pot mixture….SUCCESS!!!

Hi all!!

New recipe alert! And it makes me wish it was cold out! Tonight it’s storming, so I just lowered the ac a little and went to town on this crock pot of love. Super easy recipe, but it does have more than 5 ingredients (which you know is one of the things I try to avoid), but I promise it’s worth it! Give it a shot!

Crock Pot Beans and Greens


Can of kidney beans (drained)

Can of black beans (drained)

4 big handfuls of cut up kale leaves (I left the stems in! and got the kale from the farmers market)

12 gloves of garlic

4 red tomatoes chopped

tablespoon of cumin

teaspoon of chili powder

teaspoon of paprika

two full cans of water (I used the bean cans….don’t judge my measuring techniques!)

white distilled vinegar and olive oil to finish

s/p to taste


shove everything into a crock pot, set on low, and let it go. I turned mine on before leaving for work and then ate it after my post work, workout! So it was on low for about 12 hours. I ladled this mixture into a bowl (which ended up being way too small of a bowl…because it was so good!) and then I splashed some white vinegar and olive oil on the top. I added some garlic salt to mine…but that’s pretty much a staple for me. haha.

It was so good!!!! Try it guys!!!

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