Veggie and Fruit Juicing like Jack!!

Jack Lelane Juicing Machine!!!

Jack Lelane Juicing Machine!!!

Hi all!!!

Long time no talk! Sorry it’s been so long since my last post! Wanted to make sure it was a good one for you folks 🙂 I recently completed a 2 week juice fast and learned a lot. I want to first start by saying that I wish it wasn’t called a “juice fast” because people thought I was 1. using steroids “are you seriously on the juice???” or 2. thought I was “fasting” which generally makes people think of starving yourself. It was more like a raw vegan cleanse that gave my system a pick me up. Much like I have done with my daily diet…I kept this very simple. If I thought something would taste good together…I juiced it. I didn’t concern myself with calories, fiber, carbs, ect. I did try to make it a 60/40 ratio of veggies to fruits though! But even this line gets blurred….is a tomato a fruit or veggie??? I didn’t read tons about juicing, and I’ll be honest and say I still don’t know why it exactly works, but I will say that it made me feel good and healthy so I continued to do it. Just like when I first became vegan and concentrated on how well I felt after a meal, and not on what I couldn’t eat anymore. I really tuned into how my body felt during the juice fast (which at first I only planned on doing for one week, but felt so good I extended it another week!), and didn’t concentrate on what I couldn’t eat during the process.

It's like a beet colored sunrise!

It’s like a beet colored sunrise!

What I did: I used Carly’s Jack LeLane juicer A LOT! Thanks Carly! This machine is a little pricey, but so worth it! I juiced about two 8oz glasses in the morning. Got a juice during mid day. and then juiced about two more glasses at night-time. In between I would drink tons of water (no coffee!!). I’ll put some of my favorite recipes at the end of this post. I did this for two weeks.

Things I noticed: I needed to drink a lot of water! Seemed weird since for two weeks I only consumed liquids, but I needed to drink much more water than I normally did. I noticed a few days in that I was slightly dehydrated during my work outs. Speaking of work outs, I chose to change-up my workouts a little bit just because I did feel a little less strong with my weight training. Of course, I could have just used lighter weights, but my ego got in the way…so I just concentrated on cardio instead. haha! Some other folks that I have spoken to about juice fast say that they tone down their workouts. Since I definitely love my cardio..that was not an option for me 🙂 Something else I noticed was a strong craving for starch and carbs. I definitely sent a text to someone asking “can I juice a potato?” This craving went away by day 4.

Things I have learned: Cucumbers juice well and mask the flavor of anything bad! Ginger adds a great zippy spice to any juice. Kale juicing amazingly. Certain fruits don’t juice well…it seems to just pulverize the fruit instead (pineapple, mango….). Juice is better if it’s drank quickly and right after being juiced. I juiced sometimes in the morning and then jumped in the shower to get ready for work. The juice was not as tasty when I got out.

Results I saw: I immediately felt a cleansing going on in my system and I felt a lot more energy. I noticed that my skin cleared up (which honestly could be a sign from the amount of water I was drinking). I lost some weight as well! I felt like my body was rebooted. I also noticed more muscle tone definitely on places like my shoulders and my calves. Kinda like that layer of fat that used to be on the outside of those muscles slide off.

My recommendations: Do it! it’s a great reboot to your system. Don’t do it with the goal of losing weight, even though you probably will. Do it because it will cleanse your system and give you more energy. I personally think I will continue to juice occasionally just to shake thinks up!


Failed recipe..with cucumber juice to fix it!

Failed recipe..with cucumber juice to fix it!

Carrots + apples + beets + kale = breakfast and dessert.

Cucumber, tomato, kale, and ginger = dinner.

Carrots+oranges = snack.

Pears+lemon+spinach+ginger= anytime

There are some places here in Gainesville that offer juice to be purchased as well!! Try it out and see how it makes you feel! Keep it simple.

Jack would be proud 🙂

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