Still doing work!!!

Hi all!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted on my blog, and after a few requests, I have decided to get back into it. It really motivates me to know that people read this and really care about my progress. It has known been 16 months since starting my journey! The first year ended in January, and with that I thought the more challenging part would end. I was slightly wrong…but it’s not like I’ve done this before!

Now I’m in maintenance mode! Time to figure out what works for my body in order to maintain the

Table Cake?

Table Cake?

success that I achieve in the first year. How much cardio do I really need to do every week….how many times a week should I be lifting weight and that dreaded… situation (although I’m really not on  a diet at all!). OK confession time…..I ate some cake commonly referred to as “table cake” at my work. I made a conscious decision to eat it even though I knew it wasn’t vegan. And I immediately felt like crap and realized it wasn’t worth it! I also drank for the first time since  becoming sober 16 months ago…and guess what that wasn’t worth it either!

A good friend of mine was shocked to know that this was the first times that I “tested the waters” on my new life and she was frankly in disbelief that I hadn’t pushed the envelope before these moments. But everything honestly happened so quickly, that I didn’t have time to think about “I wonder if cake still tastes good”… does, but it doesn’t feel good when my tummy is all upset and I struggle to run! Now that I’m in maintenance mode, I have some time to think about all of the “what ifs”.

Yesterday I saw a good friend of mine at the gym and she told me how my initial article that was written in Gainesville Today motivated her to start her weight loss journey. She has told me this before, but it really clicked with me yesterday and meant a lot. It was like my brain was saying “hey stupid…that cake wasn’t worth it…you are motivating others to improve their life!”  I strive to be happy no matter what size I am…but to know that I’m motivating others to do the same means the world to me!

Now I think I’m all done testing the waters….I’m going to clean up my diet again and really concentrate on setting some goals. Tri-athalon? Marathon? Maybe a certain time on a 5k? I might start this with a juice fast to get the remnants of “table cake” out of my system.



4 comments on “Still doing work!!!

  1. kim says:

    drinking’s never been worth it. i coulda told you that 😉

  2. Dorothy says:

    In many ways , we’re on the same journey, and your success, progress and process is validation that my journey is the right path, too– to good health! I’m working to get enough exercise – cardio and weight training – and healthy foods – to age gracefully and strong. Love your blog and FB updates. They keep me motivated. I’m not strictly vegan, but compared to my diet 1 1/2 years ago, I’ve come light years. It feels good to have put the work in and now feel good, and of course I can still get even stronger and healthier. How great is that? As they say, it’s hard until it’s easy. Now I want to exercise everyday and eat well. Thanks for reminding me through your posts what’s important.

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