Article “I lost 110 pounds”….well…..

Hi everyone!

Happy Easter!!! I am celebrating the holiday with a long run, trip to do some stadiums and gardening today. It’s a great holiday that doesn’t include eating massive amounts of cured pork products (yep….I just called you all out). I know I will feel better tomorrow for not indulging today!). During my breakfast coffee (with almond milk!) I picked up the latest issue of “Fitness” magazine. I’m not sure how, but I have suddenly a subscriber to “Runners World”, “Running” and “Fitness” magazine. I think that annual subscription to has something to do with it.l Unfortunately I don’t have much time to read about running, since I’m trying to go and actually do it, but none the less, I got my read on this morning.

There it is on page 18….article entitled “I did it! I lost 100 Pounds”. You can always count on one of these articles being in the magazines, and I love how weight loss stories help motivate others. But once again this article follows the same stereotype that goes along with weight loss. Sad girl, emotionally damages, loses  weight over a span of 5 years and still deals with eating disorders. The subject admits to losing too much weight, weighing herself numerous times a day, counting calories and starving herself……motivation anyone? I hate to sound jaded, but this is just the stories that made me not want to lose weight when I was obese. Hearing about how a 21-year-old student (that’s right…no full time job or life committment here!) starved herself into “thindom” doesn’t help get me moving. It would have made me say “I’m happier fat!”.

It’s articles like these, that make me so proud to be a part of a movie project (shout out to my mentor, Mr. Carly Asse!). When I was obsese…I thought I was happy and that being thin would not help my happiness factor. I saw the struggles that people went through to maintain weight and lose weight as ridiculous measures that did not look appealing. I was fat, sassy, and so I thought…happy. What people need to be writing articles about is the veil that many fat women (yes, I’m ok with using the “F” word….it shouldn’t be taboo!) have over their eyes to make them think that they are happy. Life can be easier! Weight loss can be simple! and real happiness is not determined by a number on a scale. I wish I knew back then that I don’t need to constantly think about ways to adapt my life to put up with being fat. I don’t have to think so hard about which chairs to sit in at waiting rooms, offices, or patios. I don’t have to know which cars have short seatbelts. I don’t need to know which restaurants have small booth sizes, and I don’t need to know which parking lots at an incline. Time wasted on coming up for excuses not to see friends that live upstairs and reasons to avoid anything in the heat, is silly. My happiness has come from knowing that I can do more with my life and not be so consumed with hiding the fact that I was overweight, and making adaptations to my life to deal with my weight. I can go anywhere I want, do just about anything, and not worry so much. That’s happiness.

So miss “I found my happy weight”…. I give you the finger. Weight shouldn’t control your happiness, it’s just a measurement. I lost 200 lbs…but I can still have a bad day. Happiness comes from within (cliche!), but shouldn’t be tied to a number. I do believe they can work hand in hand, as in my case. Losing weight freed me to see what I was missing out, but I had to find my happiness in order to maintain my healthiness (not the other way around). There are plenty of thin unhappy people out there! I would love to see everyone use the number on the scale just as a measurement… your height. No one says “I grew an inch taller and I’m so much more happy!”. Your weight is a measurement, not your happiness.

Happy Easter!



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