Shorts, Tanks, Dating, Races and Car Accidents!!!


HI all!!


Well there has been a few different things going on to catch you up on and they are good!!

  1. I got into a bad car accident and was saved by not being fat!
  2. I am a race running machine thanks to inspiration of a meatball
  3. Dating takes on a whole new life
  4. Shorts and Tank Tops….what are these strange clothing items that I have never worn before 

Ok let’s start at numero uno. I got side swiped by a gentleman making a right hand turn from the left hand lane. I guess I got into his way, since I was in the right hand lane at the time. I can honestly say that my weight loss directly affected the outcome of this accident!!! My reaction time was so much quicker than my old sluggish ways, and I was able to scan the curb/shoulder of the road for pedestrians before veering my car into it. I also saw where the car was going to impact my car (on the driver’s side door) and I literally moved my body onto the center console of my Explorer. The front end of the other car bashed in my drivers side door and broke the window. I would have been sitting on his grill if I had not moved. A year ago, I would have been wedged into that car so tightly; there would have been no way to avoid the accident. This time I walked away without a single injury. Long story short….vegan diet saved my life again! Haha ok maybe a healthy lifestyle complete with diet and exercise sounds better J

 Dos…..I ran two different 10ks in one day and learned a few things. I am NOT a trail runner. I do not like sand in my shoes, and I’m not a fan of plants, bugs, sugar sand, and mud. But I also learned that sometimes a race is just that…a race and you might have to leave friends behind. It broke my heart to leave my running partner, you know who you are, behind, but I trimmed 17 minutes off of my 10k time and pushed myself to hit a new personal record. I am now looking for more and more races to complete and proudly display all of my big numbers on my fridge at home, like good grade report cards! Anyone that knows me, knows that I hate clutter…but I’m ok with this clutter 🙂


Three. Dating….ok warning for personal comments to be made here…..I have finally broken down and paid for a membership…..again. Without hanging out at all you can eat wing nights and bars, it’s hard to meet the fellas and they are not banging down the door! But of course dating challenges happen for all, but I’m experiencing a new challenge. Guys just intrique by my weight loss, looking for my diet secrets or just wanted to talk about lifting weights and they really aren’t interested in dating. I honestly had one email from that read like this “You are the Zen Fitness girl!!! I saw you on a ad! Can you write up a diet plan for me?”. Another one “You lost 200lbs? How? Can you tell me some details”. While I appreciate the positive reaction to my weight loss, I have to be careful when weeding through the potential dates, to find out if they want to meet me, or just intrigued by my weight loss. While any attention is flattering, I’m not after the fellas that just want to know my diet secrets. Definitely a unique dating situation that I never had to deal with before! Of course dating is completely different now as well. I no longer hit up sports bars and drink-a-thons and instead see if the guy can cut it on the stadiums with me! A lot of fun!

And the grand finale of new things….Shorts! What are these things??? Tank tops?  Isn’t that something that only muscle men wear onVenicebeach? I honestly had never worn shorts to work out in before (always capris or pants). While I still wear a compression garment under them, shorts are awfully comfortable! I wish I had know this when I was 345 lbs…oh wait, they aren’t comfy at that weight J Sleeves might be over rated. Definitely not needed now that the weather is heating up. Look at this sweaty face cardio high….in a tank top! I love being able to wear different clothing than before and I can thank my vegan diet and exercise!



2 comments on “Shorts, Tanks, Dating, Races and Car Accidents!!!

  1. Karen says:

    Just a quick comment about if you don’t want guys who are looking for your story or a diet plan, take that part out of your profile. If you choose to tell them about your accomplishment after they get to know you, you can. Just put new pics and profile info up and let them choose you for who you are now.

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