WOW! What a weekend!!!

Hi All!!

First let me apologize for not blogging for a little while, I got busy with….well life in general! haha, You all know what I mean! Since the last time I have blogged there have been a few things to note

1. I completed a half-marathon! Freaking crazy for me to think about how last year I couldn’t walk more than a mile. I am very proud of this accomplishment. I’m not fast, but I did it! huge thanks to my “meatball” Joni!!! She is a great inspiration to me!

2. I have gotten my first pair of women’s running shoes! Ok I know this sounds crazy, but I was always so overweight that I had to wear wider men’s shoes when working out. I’m proud to say that not only did my fat tookus lose some poundage, but so did my dainty paws! I can now where women’s shoes. haha. I wear my pink shoelaces with pride now!

3. I have bought a bathing suit…..hello ladies…you know the frustration in picking out a bathing suit! Well I was able to find one pretty easily and I must say it’s nice to not have to stay in the plus sized swimming suit section (because we all know they are not very cute!). It was nice to try on a few bathing suits and have them all fit (if not too big) and have a few to choose from! I’m use to going in and just picking out the largest bathing suit that would be worn by someone my age and hoping it fit. I would NEVER try it on at the store….goodness no!

But, this past weekend was by far one of the best vegan experiences that I have gone through. I can not thank my friends Carly Asse and Sandy Blaser enough for taking me on this trip!! I attended the kick off dinner reception to the Holistic Holiday at Sea Cruise (ok I didn’t know what that meant either!). Basically I was able to attend a large gathering of vegans and meet the leading vegan activists, including the president of PCRM (Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine) Dr. Neal Barnard. As I looked around this gathering of people, it was so inspirational to see tons of professional, successful people from all walks of life that did not follow the typical stereotype that unfortunately goes along with “vegan”. I would not dare care any of these people “hippy”, “treehuggers”, or “freaks”. They were normal people just like everyone else that have chosen to live their life with a vegan lifestyle. In talking to a few attendees, I realized that people chose the vegan lifestyles for many different reasons. Some did it for animal reasons, some did it as a “cancer diet” and had reversed their negative medical diagnosis, other did it for weight loss, others just did it to be supportive of their loved ones, and still others did it for no reason at all, but they liked it! One thing was constant throughout the crowd, people were healthy and happy.

Then as I was taking in all of the scenes and taking a mental inventory of what was happening around me at this gathering, a strange thing happened. People were very interested in my weight loss story and what Carly and I had accomplished. This is still a very strange thing to me and it’s hard to understand why people can be so interested in our story, but I’m also starting to realize how great it is that it can motivating to others. I stood there in complete shock as Dr Barnard praised our success. Wow! That’s kinda like a supermodel tell ya that you look hot. For Dr. Barnard and the other leading vegan activists to praise our diet and weight loss success was a huge compliment. What a great experience…..then there was dinner!

Sublime restaurant…..completely vegan….so good that I would be willing to work as their dishwasher everyday just for a free employee meal. Owned by the sweetest little women named, Nanci Alexander (my idol!), Sublime Restaurant is SOLELY vegan. I never thought that I would see a completely vegan restaurant be on a 2 hour wait time and all of the guests were happy to wait with no complaints. I understood why everyone was so happy to wait, after trying to food. Options like a homemade wild mushroom ravioli in a cashew cream sauce, or something they called broccomoli dip that combined avocado, broccoli , chickpeas, garlic, and lemon into a humus meets guacamole plus broccoli dip in one, or zucchini noodle raw mein…..made Sublime unbelievable. Every detail was taken into account. I spoke to the owner and praised her for sticking by what she believed in and only offering vegan menu items!!!

I’m so happy that I was able to be included in this great weekend!! Look at this vegan food!!! This one weekend could change someone’s view of vegan people and food!!


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