Top Ten Vegan Gainesville Meals!

Hi all! Ok the title says it all….. here they are! This is only my opinion and they are not in any particular order! (these are places I find myself going to time and again or lunch!)

1. Black Bean Soup and Yucca Frita from Emiliano’s (I walk from work and get this at least one a week….very simple and full of garlic!)

2. Avocado Toast…just read the description from their menu “half an avocado with olive oil and lemon juice on a toasted three-seeded wheat bread. Sprinkled with red pepper flake”. Perfect every time I get it and so simple! (I will admit to eating two of these at a time!)

3. Vegan Caesar Salad from The Top (how do they get that dressing to taste so darn good!!!). Sometimes I top this with the blackened Tofu, but the salad is amazing by itself. Come with a huge weg of lemon to juice all over the salad (my fav!).

4. Gazpacho from East End Eatery. Sandra (owner of East End) has been one of my biggest supporters and as a fellow veggie knows exactly how I like my grub. This is fresh and garlicky, just how I like it! I will admit to not having it as much in the winter as in the summer…but it will make a come back for me in the summer!

Roasted Organic Golden Beet Salad from Zuzu5. Roasted Golden & Red Beet Salad from ZUZU! I am quite biased to this restaurant since it’s near and dear to my heart. But I LOVE this salad. I get the house vinaigrette which is made from scratch instead of the goat cheese dressing. Beets are addicting to me and has helped me hit cardio personal records and muscle recovery!

6. Asparagus and Shitake in a Garlic Sauce from Taste (formerly Taste of Saignon). This menu is huge and extremely veggie friendly. This is one of my favorite dishes off their long list of vegan entrees.

7. Taco Salad with veggies from Boca Fiesta. Sounds simple, but is amazing! I get it with extra beans, avocado and the Cilantro Lime Dressing. Amazing! I don’t eat the taco shell (but also forget to ask for it without it!).

8. Gainesville Green Salad and any of their soups! from Tempo Bistro to Go. They are amazingly vegan friendly and buy locally grown produce (if they don’t grow it themselves!). Salads and sandwiches are seasonal with whatever looks freshest at the market! Love these guys!

9. Dynamite Edamame and Custom Sushi from Ichiban. Spicy and good. Just light enough for a mid day snack!

10. Sweet Potato and Black Bean Chili from Pelican Brothers Food Truck!!! Owned by Mike and Matt (two of the coolest guys you could ever meet!). This chili is spicy and then you get a bite of sweet from the sweet potato. It’s like a trick in my mouth and I love it!!! matt and mike

WOW, ok this has made me entirely hungry! My main goal in listing this is to show that just because I’m not going to steak night at the sizzler anymore, doesn’t mean I can’t go out and enjoy a good meal. AND a good meal does not have to be processed fake meat (i.e. the boca burger at Chili’s). Enjoy locally grown foods, support local businesses and truly enjoy feeding your body what it wants! I will also admit, that NOTHING can beat a nicely prepared homecooked meal!!!



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