Everyone needs an anthem!

Hi all!

I got a good question yesterday…..what do you listen to when you work out? I first thought this question was weird, because I thought everyone had their go to playlist. I definitely have a workout playlist on my iphone that I use, but it’s not what most people expect. I listen to it while setting up for catering events at work as well. Actually one particular christmas party this year requested to keep listening to the workout mix during their holiday party (Shout out to the beautiful Maria Davis and Spa Royale!). So I’m going to list my top 20 work out songs (these also come on when I use the nike + app on my phone and need a “power song”).


1. BOB by outkast (this song is short enough that I can run a faster pace to it)

2. Sure Shot by Beastie Boys “because you can’t, you won’t and don’t stop”

3. Busy Child by The Crystal Method (long song…I zone out during this song!)

4. Stronger by Kanye West

5. Break Stuff by Limp Bizkit

6. PYT by Michael Jackson (just try to not dance to this song)

7. Moment 4 Life by Nicki Minaj (dear chelsea…this song played during all those WEEKS of shoulder workouts!, so it gives me flashbacks!)

8. Medicine by Plies

9. Fat Bottom Girls by Queen (yes I like it when Queen follows plies, LOL!)

10. Signed, Sealed Delivered by Stevie Wonder

11. Baba O’Riley by The Who

12. Dont Stop the Music by Rhianna

13. Break it Off by Rhianna

14. Loose Control by Missy Elliott

15. I’m on a Boat by The Lonely Island (good distraction!)

16. Just Dance by Lady Gaga (this one is embarassing but I like it!)

17. Boom Boom Pow by the Black Eyed Pease

18. Tik Tok by KeSha (another embarrassing one!)

19. Smack That by Akon

20. You Known I’m no Good by Amy Winehouse

So after I was telling this person about my playlist he mentioned that maybe it’s his playlist that is slowing him down on his workouts and he was thinking this could help. In chatting with him just briefly, he complained about not having energy to work out and that was why he wasn’t losing the weight he wanted to. I asked him what he ate before his work out and he proudly said “oh well I try to get in a good breakfast before a workout, since I know how horrible it is for you to skip breakfast, so I’ll have some eggs, turkey sausage, maybe some toast (with butter I’m assuming) and a glass of milk”. I told him I had oatmeal with peanut butter and raspberries, almond milk and glass of farmers market juice. He blankly stared at me and then said “well thanks for the playlist!”. HEHE maybe the music you play isn’t as important as the food you put into your body, but then again maybe it is!


2 comments on “Everyone needs an anthem!

  1. Melissa Amos says:

    I have Kayne, and Lady Gaga on my playlist too. Don’t be embarassed!

  2. cmwright8889 says:

    Moment 4 Lyfe should make you think about all the cherished moments we’ve shared

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