Almost There!!!!

Hi Everyone!!!

I’m almost at my official one year mark! WOOHOO!!! I’m asked everyday if I’m going to go out and get a big ol’ steak and a bottle of beer on my year plus one day mark….haha. The answer to that is no-way! I feel amazing and don’t plan on changing my new lifestyle anytime soon. Their isnt’ a day that goes by that I don’t notice something else that is different from it was before. Besides the obvious physical differences of losing weight, there is a bunch of things that go along with it as well.

I walked to the gym today. I am lucky enough to now live about 3 miles away from Zen Fitness and was able to walk there. Ok first things first….I can walk 3 miles and then go into a work out. hahah that would have been unheard of for me a year ago. But I also noticed something else while I was walking this morning along the traffic. There was a guy in a car that stared at me. Normally my reaction would be to flip off and yell “f-you” to the guy that was making fun of the fat chick trying walk down the sidewalk. It wasn’t nice of him to stare at me when I was clearly struggling, and I would reaction with a bad temper and tell him just where he could go for making fun of me. But then I realized that the guy in the car was actually kinda checking me out. Have I become the chick that runs along the road that gets checked out??? This couldn’t possible be so, but then I paid attention to a few more cars with fellas and realized that I might just be getting checked out. I will be honest and say …… I didn’t mind one bit!

Around the time of the weather changes, I came down with a head cold. Sniffles, cough and congestion…you know the drill here…we have all been there. I thought about going to the doctor but I have never been big of medicine (or doctors for that fact), so I rode out the cold instead. When I was little my parents weren’t the biggest fans of doctors either. I remember my dad pinning me down and tickling me so much that I got all worked up and breathed really deeply until I coughed up all of the phlegm and I felt tons better. That was better than any robitussin! My mom used to put me into a hot bath tub and made me drink gallons of water when I sick to completely flush my body of toxins. I hated it, but I always felt better afterwards! I was thinking about both of these remedies when I was huffing and puffing during my cardio-thon. I was sweating, just like in mom’s bathtub, and I was breathing deep, just like the tickle-fest from dad. After my cardio, I will admit that I felt tons better!

And speaking of doctors, I do notice that when I go to a doctor (rarely), I still go in very defensive. I’m used to doctors always commenting on my weight and expressing their concern. I hated going to any doctor, because of the topic. Now I can lower those defenses, since they are really happy with my health and don’t show any concern at all. The last doctor office I left, gave me a super clean bill of health and compared my cardio ability to that of a triathlete. ummmm that’s pretty rad!!! I am no longer scared of the doctor….but I also don’t really need him. hehe!

Today I got to see someone who I haven’t seen in a while, and was faced with an awkward moment. I ran up to the person and said “HI!” and they stared at me and didn’t recognize me. I thought this was crazy….we used to work together and even hung out a few times. I was shocked and a little hurt that the person didn’t remember me. Then I realized they didn’t recognize me…and said “oh! it’s me, tracy…yeah I lost a bunch of weight!”. The person finally recognized me and freaked out. They said that even my voice changed! Now I don’t know of any medical proof that says that weight loss can cause a voice change, but I think my voice has changed just because I’m happier. 🙂

With these last few days flying by, it is time to look back at everything I have done and really take note and not get caught up in the small stuff. I have made numerous changes to my life (not just diet and exercise!) that have led to so many positive things. I wish that I could take back the years of the judgemental, nasty, temperamental person that I used to me! but I can’t. It is a great time to look forward and move forward (only forward!).




4 comments on “Almost There!!!!

  1. Cindy Wolfe says:

    Tracy, I have only known you for a few months but I have enjoyed getting to know you and watching your progress.. I am so happy for you and very proud of you. Some days in the past I have often thought that losing that kind of weight was impossable without meds or surgery. I know now that it can be done. I have you and Zen to thank for that. I hope one day I can be in your shoes and write the same type of notes,
    Hope to see you soon.

  2. kalderman89 says:

    You are TRUELY an inspiration. Your weight loss journey as well as your spirits make me want to make positive improvements in my life as well! Thank you for sharing this with us! Team Tracy All The Way!!

  3. Dorothy says:

    You’re amazing and beautiful. Thanks for sharing your journey. I hope you’re going to keep blogging and posting recipes!

  4. Sandra M. says:

    A very motivating and inspirational story. congrats to you, truly!

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