Things I thought I would never say!

Hi everyone!!

Recently there has been a viral video string going around titles “Things people say to…” or “Stuff….. say” (edited for those that don’t like curse words…you are welcome!). It pokes fun at one group of people or another…..and they are hilarious! I like that they make lighthearted jokes at things that people take REALLY seriously. One of my favorites is here….Shit people say about vegans (there goes my potty mouth!). This was made by myself and one of my trainers (and great friend!) Chelsea Wright! While Chelsea is currently upset that I now weigh less than her and was her first client, she helped me to see how silly all of the little comments really are and to not take them too seriously.  If I have learned nothing else over the past year, it is to do what makes me feel good. I think sometimes people take things so seriously and stress about silly stuff, that they have forgotten how to just live and feel great! I’m trying to keep things simple, not worry or stress as much and not take anything too seriously. My life will be long…so no need to worry about little shit now…I have plenty of time to worry later 🙂

I have also heard myself recently saying things that I never thought I would say. Such as:

“Sorry I can’t meet you for drinks, I need to do my cardio!”

“Kale Chips! Yumm!!!”

“I haven’t done stadiums in a while, let’s do them on Sunday!”

“I’m going for a 10 mile walk”

“Work was so frustrating today, I need some cardio to release this stress”

“My leg has had a cramp since Thursday” (Said on a Sunday- LOL!)

“I would rather eat tofu cold than cooked”

“Can I return these pants, I bought the wrong size. They are too big”

“Which races are you registering for?”

“I hate side planks” (LOL i didn’t even know what a plank was!)

“I live on the third floor”

“No I didn’t drive, I walked here”

“I’m going to grocery shop at the farmers markets this Saturday, need anything?”

“I want shoes that are in between vibrams and frees”

HEHE!!! Some of these statements would sound absolutely crazy to some people! A relative of mine thought that “vibrams” were a form of birth control, not naming names though! They are shoes Dad! Don’t talk what people say so seriously! Rely on how you feel and that’s all you can do! I can’t control anyone else, you can only control your reaction to others. WOW I just got preachy, sorry guys!





3 comments on “Things I thought I would never say!

  1. Chelsea says:

    woo hoo our video made the blog! we are definitely famous now.

  2. Joni says:

    This is sssoooo funny because WE would NEVER say any of this stuff ! ! ! xoxoxoxo

  3. David Haas says:

    I have a question about your blog. Please email me!

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