Year Check up!!!

Hi everyone!!!

This week was a very big emotional rollercoaster for me. I’m closing in on a year and it’s time to take a good hard look on some changes that have made in my life and evaluate them. I know it seems crazy to have to evaluate some changes that have been made in my life that have helped me lose close to 200 lbs (I’m almost there!!), but unfortunately many people are analyzing and are skeptical about some changes I have made in my life. Peoples opinions affect people emotions. I don’t want to be the person that frankly doesn’t care what others think, since I still value everyone’s differences and appreciate that the world is diverse. But I will say that it confuses me that people are just now viewing my health and voicing their concern for me. Where was everyone when I was 345 lbs? No concern then. Some changes I have made in my life are controversial (eating fruits and veggies instead of cow and pig). My friends laughed when I told the story about how I used to pretend to have use the bathroom when I went up a few flights of stairs (to catch my breath in the bathroom!), but they never showed any concern for that fact I couldn’t go up a few flights of stairs. Today I live on the third floor of an apartment building and take the stairs two at a time……but also spent hours defending my diet and lifestyle changes. I never had to defend my all you can eat wing nights and my three pitches of beers on $2 Tuesdays. I guess apples are more controversial than 50 chicken wings in one sitting 🙂

I started this blog when I realized how many people were paying attention to what I was doing (which still shocks me to today!), and to help clear the air on some misconceptions that I heard going around. I am not intending to change anyone’s way of thought or personal beliefs. I am simple standing what is going on with me…my thoughts, feelings, emotions and changes. You control your own reaction to them. I have learned over the past year, that I have a tendency to be a very judgemental person, and I don’t like that. I am actively working on changing that, especially since I have realized been judged more than I’m used to. I find that the easiest way for me to rule out my personal judgement, is to look at basic facts. I will outline some of my facts now (besides losing a lot of weight!)……try not to judge 🙂

1. On 1/21/11 my blood pressure was 148/80. On 1/13/12 it was 120/60.

2. On 1/21/11 my resting heart rate was 89 bpm. On 1/13/12 it was 57.

3. On 1/25/11 my waist measured 58″ and now it measures 32″

4. On 1/25/11 my right arm measured 16″ and now it measures 11″

5. On 1/25/11 my right thigh measured 26″ and now it measures 21″

6. On 1/25/11 my total exercise time before “maxing out” on a stress test was 6:19 minutes (3.4 mph and 14 gradiant) and on 1/12/13 it was 12:58 minutes (5.0 mph and 18 gradiant).

7. My blood sugar levels were within healthy standards at both times and saw no major change.

8. My cholesterol levels were within healthy standards at both times and saw no major change.

Most important changes that might not be so medically proven:

1. I feel healthy.

2. I am learning new things about my mind and body every day.

3. I am gaining confidence that I have never had, and realizing that the “confidence” I did have been fake.

4. I am more accepting of others differences and less judgemental of others.

5. I am learning to weigh the bad and good of every situation and make better life choices (every choice has positive AND negative effects).

Special Thanks!

Special thanks to Dr. Caputo for maintaining a watchful eye over my health and providing me with these test results during this year transformation! The entire Caputo family has made me feel welcomed and love. Truly some of the nicest people I have ever met! Thank you to all of the Caputos!

HUGE thank you to Carly Asse. Can’t say enough to thank this guy. He has shown me the way to a vegan life, but more importantly a happy health life! Thank you Carly 🙂

And as if this blog wasn’t long enough

Check out these comparision photos!!

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One comment on “Year Check up!!!

  1. Your blog is awesome and I really enjoy watching your journey. It takes a lot of courage and determination to stay on track. The only way to survive is surround yourself with positive people! Keep up the good work and you look amazing!

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