Final Month!!!!

Beautiful and Good!

Beautiful and Good!

As we all return to our offices to begin our work for a new year, I am thinking about the work I will complete for a year’s journey. At the end of January 2011 I started this amazing journey with Carly Asse and Zen Fitness. None of us knew where it would take us (ok, well maybe Carly had somewhat of an idea, but I sure as heck had no idea). I thought “ok mr. fitness man…you can change my diet and make me do lunges, but life will still be the same at the end of the day”. Who freaking knew that weight had no much to do with your daily life!?!?! I think this is the root of why so many people are overweight! It’s because they don’t realize how much their fatty bottoms affects their daily life, or have choosen to adapt to their obese ways (like I had done!). I can’t say this enough….life is so much easier when you are a healthy weight (not just healthy….but a healthy weight!). I was no particularly unhealthy….cardiologist at my first check in proved that. I had slightly high blood pressure, but that was it. I was enormous though! I think I associated my huge size with vanity and thought it would be shallow to lose weight. I seemed healthy, happy and didn’t want people around me who would judge me for my size. I had built a nice little protective bubble coated world to live in and was happy hidden behind the veil.

Now a year later, 180 lbs lighter and actually finding out what happiness is…..I want to smack myself for waiting 29 years to do all of this! Life is easier when you aren’t carry around 345 lbs! And guess what, I still don’t want those people that judge others for theirs size around me, because there are just as many people that comment on my size now as there was in the past! Starting the new year (Go 2012!!!! I bet the world doesn’t end!) makes everyone set goals, resolutions and reflect on the past. I’m not going to reflect on the past or set lifetime goals. I am going to buckle in for this last month in my year journey to lose 200 lbs. It’s the last leg of the run and I plan on sprinting it!

Somethings I’m incorporating into my fitness plan for this last month are:

– no eating out. This is a tough one for me, since I work in a restaurant and want to support the industry. But for me, right now, I plan on only eating what I cook myself!

– fruits/veggies only…..but a TON of them! I’m going to get back to the roots, haha pardon the pun. No processed foods for me this month. Check out the recipe at this site for some motivation to eat fruit/veggies only!

Butternut Squash with Cranberries

– riding my bike to the gym instead of driving, at least twice a week. I moved recently and live much closer to the gym. When my schedule allows, I will be riding my bike to the gym and saving that gas money!

– Interval intensity cardio…..2 minutes of “barely-able-to-breath” cardio followed by 3 minutes of “still-tough-but-able-to-pant” cardio

– fruit bowl assault during the day (named by Mr. Asse himself). I put a huge bowl of fruit on my desk and I have to finish it before I leave work. It was how I started the journey and it will be how I end it (does the journey ever really end though? …… I just left room for a sequil didn’t I?).




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