What keeps me going!?!?

Hi all!!

Happy holidays! I hope you all are doing amazing and having a great time with friends, family and loved ones during the holidays. I am getting a little sentimental during the holidays this year, just because I have changed my outlook on life during this past year. Everyone always says that they don’t care about the materialistic things….but they are the first ones to get the new iPad, or upgrade their cellphone…..when their old gadgets worked just fine. I definitely used to say that I didn’t care about materialistic things….but that was a big ol’ lie. Well this year I got the best gift of all, a new outlook on life. As cliché as it sounds, I feel like a whole new person and I’m still learning who this new person is. I’m still sarcastic, but maybe a little less jaded. I’m still “snippy” but maybe a little less bitchy. I handle stress way better and I honestly cherish the little things.

One of the best gifts I got this year came in the form of a handwritten letter left in my gym locker from David Tamayo, a Zen Fitness trainer. I have only trained with him a few times, but he continues to support me just as if I was one of his clients. This was a plain piece of paper with handwriting on it, but it let me know that people are watching what I’m doing and that motivates me to push through the tough times. I know this all sounds like crap and nothing that I would normally say, but honestly that handwritten note was the best gift someone could ask for!

Letter From David

Letter from David

Another amazing gift was a short visit from an amazing person named Tony White. Tony decided to test himself in the name of good health and a vegan lifestyle and ride his bike from Alabama to Gainesville (425 freaking miles!!!!). He did this in 7 days! Most of you that read my blog work out (or should!) and you know how bad your legs hurt after 30 minutes on that spin bike in the gym….imagine 7 days! Tony did this to promote the film UnSupersize Me and passed out flyers about my journey along the way. I am shocked that anyone would even care about the fact that my fat butt is now smaller, but they did. This was so motivational to me and one of the best gifts someone could give me! Thank you Tony for all that you do, You are amazing! Here are a few of my favorite videos from his journey:

Day 4!

Keep looking!

“pretty awesome”

There are tons of videos on Tony’s You Tube site! Click around and view them!

And one of the best gifts I could have asked for was seeing my best friend Melissa Amos and her family. They are supportive and some of the best people I know! Here is a picture of me and Melissa’s little sister trying on bridesmaid dresses for Melissa’s wedding. She is hilarious but a year ago I wouldn’t have been able to try on any dresses with her since they would have been too small to fit me. Now I had TONS of dresses to choose from, but what was most important was the time spent with friends and family getting to try them on and have fun.

Sara and I

Sara and I


So when people ask me “how do you keep going?” it is the little things like this that motivate me to keep going!

Happy Holidays!!!

Tracy Ryan


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