More New Things!!!

Stadium thinking
thinking at the stadium

More things I notice

Well this week I had a good loss and I really felt great about it. I have started noticing other changes and adjustments in my life and I wanted to share them with you all.

  1. Recipe book. I’m moving soon and I was cleaning out a cabinet in my kitchen. I had a folder that I kept a bunch of recipes in to keep track of which ones I liked. I had a sausage and egg breakfast casserole, a coke-cola ham recipe, and flank steak marinade which was to die for (literally!). And then on the top of the pile were my new recipes: ginger and lime tofu, cranberry and brussel sprouts, spicy Asian coleslaw with apples and pecans, energy date balls, etc.….. All vegan and amazing tasting. What are also noticeable about these different recipes are that even the pictures of the food look better. Brighter colors, crisper images, and the food just look more appealing.
  2. People are more protective of me. I consider myself to be a pretty bold strong willed chick, and no one used to mess with me. Now I find that friends (especially male friends) are way more protective of me than when I was larger. I’m told not to go running at night, and to not let my dates know my address. No one told me these things when I was huge. Was all that fat a big protective layer? Physical protection or emotional?
  3. I’m COLD!!! Good lord! Is this winter colder than normal? I haven’t used the heater in my apartment in over 5 years….and now I have used it every night for the past month. My boss even bought me a heater for my office!
  4. I can’t be as rough and tough as normal. Normally during the holiday catering season, I get minor bumps and bruises just because of the physical nature of the work, but nothing too serious. Man! When I hit my hip bone on the counter it really hurts now! Before there was a bunch of fat to pad me….but now I’m a little more fragile. Again I ask…physically or emotionally?
  5. I’m getting fast…..walking and talking, going up stairs, going across parking lots, I’m just getting faster. I can carry on a full conversation going up 3 flights of stairs and leave my conversation counterpart in the dust.
  6. I pull chairs out way too far. I adjust car seats back too far. I walk WAY out and around people and in general I don’t realize that I’m not 345lbs anymore.
  7. My towel fits me! Ha-ha little thing, but when you are 345 lbs. no towel fits around you. I can now get out of the shower and actually wear the towel.
  8. Spa robes fit me easily! Medical gowns fit me as well.
  9. Speaking of medicine….I don’t need any and I scoff when someone suggests that I might have a deficiency (mainly B12). It’s actually pretty frustrating to know that people are now concerned about my nutrition and highly worried that I’m not getting enough B12. Where were you when I was eating a steak a night, coating it in cheese and adding heavy cream into my potatoes?!?! Why weren’t you concerned then? It is quite noticeable that people give me advice now but said nothing when I was eating and drinking horribly.
  10. My personality has changed. My temper is better, my attitude is more positive and I’m no longer the “jaded bitch” that I used to be. I can tell that I don’t stress as much about work or life and I have rearranged my priorities after seeing that I’ve been given another chance at a healthy life. I don’t sweat the small stuff anymore. I don’t lose sleep over a bad grade on an assignment, and I will not allow myself to work 18 hour days every day (like I used to).
  11. I heart my cardio…and I miss it when I don’t get it. That’s even sounds crazy to type, but it’s true. It’s my therapy!

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