I have special eyes and a cool running hat…oh yeah and my doctor has amazing news today!

Hi all!

Well today was a busy day for me. I needed to get new wires (thicker) and to have my braces checked up on, so I also took the opportunity to schedule my eye exam and women’s annual exam for today as well. Let’s recap…..

I have always had bad eye sight, wear contacts and glasses and couldn’t find my way to the bathroom without my contacts! Recently my sight was blurry again, so I figured it was time to go in for another exam and get strong contacts. I went into the eye doctor today and he ran all of his tests and then asked me the best question in the world “Have you changed your diet recently? Your eyesight has gotten better.” STFU! My eyesight was blurry because my contacts were too strong! My eyesight has gotten better. The eye doctor explained that the more veggies I eat, the lower my blood pressure is and the more blood flow to my eyes the better. unexpected bonus from my vegan lifestyle change and I love it! I would love to wear glasses again….especially if there weren’t the big thick glasses that I have to wear now. Vegan Diet = special eyes.

Ok onto the next appointment…..women’s exam. Always a blast, lol. Well this fantastic situation is performed by my general practitioner that I haven’t had to see in over a year. I used to see this doctor for sleeping pills, antibiotics, allergy medications and other drugs….but I no longer get sick, have allergies that aren’t manageable, have trouble sleeping, or need medication! I feel strong and healthy and seem to have a much better immune system than before. Thank you spinach, broccoli, almonds and tomatoes (and all your little friends too!). So long story short….this doc had last seen me when I was 345 lbs. I don’t say anything to the nurse when she first calls me back from the waiting room, but I figured that since the first thing they always do is weight you, she would notice. Nope…I weighed in 175 lbs lighter than when I was last in the office and she didn’t notice! Then she took my blood pressure, not once but twice, because it was so much lower than the last time I was in there! She still hadn’t noticed my weight-loss, but she did notice that my blood pressure went from 135/70 to 95/58. Then after the second time she took my blood pressure to verify my improvement…I said “hey check my weight too” and then the nurse looked at me with huge eyes and said “who did your surgery?!?!”. I stared at her for a second and then said “umm it was diet and exercise but thanks!”. My doctor was very impressed with the weight loss and lowered blood pressure and then the B12 conversation came about….

Everyone has warned me that I need to make sure to get enough B12…..funny I haven’t really craved any B12 or woken up in the middle of the night jonesing for it either. But my doc initially refers me to get lab work done to check my B12 levels…..then after realizing that I don’t have insurance, he says “eh…don’t worry about it then, normally people with B12 problems aren’t vegan, and obviously you are feeling ok, so don’t worry about paying for the cost”. Immediately makes me wonder why he sent me for the test in the first place (thinking I had insurance that needed to be bleeded?). I asked my doctor more about B12, and he does tell me a few things that most people don’t know 1. B12 can be in some legumes…just gotta eat a lot of them (well I’m good on that account! I eat like a horse….a big strong vegan horse…or maybe it’s a deer!).  2. your body can reuse existing B12 that it already has 3. you only need a very small amount of B12 and 4. most people with B12 deficiently are not vegans and normally have bigger health problems as well. The doc then tells me that symptoms of B12 deficiency is being tired or lathargic and tingling in fingers or toes. Well I am definitely not tired, and have tons of energy (probably has something to do with losing that 175lbs of dead weight that I carried around). And my fingers don’t tingle. Phew! I was really worried about my B12 (sarcasm!).

So after a day with three different doctors, it has been confirmed in numbers alone…..veganism is making me healthy as a horse! And as a reward, I got this homemade hat in the mail from my friend Chelsea!! This hat will keep my head warm on those early morning runs that I will go on! thanks Chelsea!!

Running Hat made by Chelsea

Running Hat made by Chelsea


One comment on “I have special eyes and a cool running hat…oh yeah and my doctor has amazing news today!

  1. cmwright8889 says:

    woo hoo my hat got a shoutout!

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