“You are vegan? Do you still eat chicken?”


Vegans do it better!

Fellow Vegan Friend and I after a month starting the program

Sorry it has been a few days since a post, work schedule got ahold of me, but I’m back and better than ever! This week an article regarding the documentary (reminder: I’m being filmed for a documentary that aims are starting and continuing an eating revolution by Zen Fitness and Carly Asse). So more than a few people have come up to me in public that recognize me from the article and have questions. So I’ll quickly recap the questions they have, since I’m assuming others have the same……

1. I did it with a lifestyle and exercise (gasp! no pills, surgeries, packets, powders, supplements, ect)

2. I eat plant-based whole foods (I hesitate to call it a diet, just because of the negative connotation that “diet” has). I have never felt restricted on what I want to eat. I like not counting calories, fat grams, carbs, or anything else….I’m not good at math! I eat as much as I want, when I want and just think about how it makes me feel after I eat it. The more plant-based whole foods I eat, the better I feel…..and since I’m not insane…I like to repeat that habit.

3. No I don’t eat chicken or fish…..for those of you that ask that question, you have missed the point of being vegan. Sorry to be so harsh, and I’m not at all judging (well maybe a little….but seriously folks?!?). I do not have anything that has been a product of an animal at one time.

4. Health reasons of animal rights? Well this question recently comes up more than often. While I love animals, and would never consider eating my beloved house cat, Spike, I do not consider myself a strict animal rights advocate. Ok being you judge, just listen. My main reasons to continue being vegan is because of how it makes my body feel and my health benefits. As self-centered as that it….it’s honest. Now if I save a few cows and cuddling piggies in the meantime, that’s a bonus! I wasn’t out torturing slugs with a salt and a magnifying glass as a kid, but I also wasn’t throwing blood on someone who wears fur.

5. My typical day of eating? Ok this was my Thursday this week: Breakfast:with peaches and almond milk, oj, coffee, before lunch: grapes, applesauce (used to eat nuts and apples, but my braces won’t allow that anymore). Lunch: black bean soup, edamame, salad. Afternoon: raspberry and blueberries, green tea. Dinner: mushroom/asparagus stir fry with tofu in an orange ginger sauce, sliced tomatoes with salt, and roasted fingerlings potatoes and a mocktail (see recipe). after-dinner: blueberries that I heat and mashed up and then stirred together with almond milk (I was cold and wanted someone warm). Nothing all that difficult, complex or out of the norm.

The main thing I’m realizing through the majority of these questions is how ignorant the general public is in regards to eating healthy and what can happen from it. I didn’t do anything that no one else can’t do themselves. And it’s not like people don’t want to know about health and nutrition. i have friends that will spend hours online looking at supplements, diet regimes, procedures, ect….I am eating during that time 🙂  It seems like everyday there is a different fad, supplement, or quick fix on the market. It makes me wonder why people do not realize that a simple diet change and exercise plan can be easier, more cost-effective and way more sustainable for a lifetime (I hear that “sustainable” is a big word to use these days, so I wanted to add it in!). Until the next blog…..think of me in the produce aisle at your grocery store 🙂


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