Half Off!

Half Off

Half Off!!!!

Hi all!

Thanks again for everyone that reads and keeps up with my progress. You all motivate me more than you know 🙂 Sometimes I check the stats on this blog before going the gym and knowing that people are reading this really helps!

Well it’s official, this week, with a 6 lbs  loss this week, I am officially half of my original body weight. It had gotten hard for me to keep track of how much weight I had lost, because 1. I try not to concentrate on the number but instead on how I feel and 2. it’s a big number! haha. Is there really that big of a difference between 160 lbs and 172.5? Well when you are talking just weight lost, I would say no…but then I realized that 172.5 lbs is exactly half of what I weighed when I started. Then it clicked…wow I have changed a lot in 9 months.

It’s silly to say that I feel better….of course I do. But I feel surprising better than I thought I would! I had no idea how much easier life can be without the weight to lug around. I never plan on gaining any of that lost weight back, just simple out of laziness! I’m too lazy to think about carry around an extra 172.5 lbs ago! Heck I wouldn’t carry around an extra 40 lbs right now either. I’m actually impressed that I was able to work as hard as I did 9 months ago.

Going into the holiday season (my busy season at work), I think about how many days I worked long hours that were physically demanding, and I’m honestly impressed that I was able to do it last year at 345 lbs! I couldn’t even think about working today with that weight on me, which I guess is a great way to look at things.

The main thing I want to get across today, is that I not brilliant, amazing or any of these words that people have used to compliment me (although I love them!). I’m a very average person that simply followed the instructions provided to me and enjoyed the benefits of weight loss.  Anyone can honestly do it. Eat a plant-based whole foods diet and exercise. Sounded simple, and was simple and it worked.


2 comments on “Half Off!

  1. Chelsea says:

    way to go half pint!

  2. kim says:

    “Lazy” is certainly not a word I think of when I think of you. So I don’t think you’ll keep the weight off because of laziness. I think it will be because of determination.

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