It’s all in how you look at it!

Hi everyone!

I had a hard time coming up with a good title for this post that accurately describe what I’m going to try to say. I’ll be honest, and admit that this post is something that is something I struggle with. Every Sunday, I have my “weight in” moment with my trainer. We measure my weight mainly and watch the pounds drop off. I started with a huge 17 lb week, which surprised the heck out of me! I’ve had a few 10 lb weeks, some 8 lb weeks and lately some 4 lb weeks. But I’m getting to the point now where I shouldn’t concentrate so much on the number of pounds I’m losing, since I have started to slow down. It’s hard not to get discouraged when you are used to see that scale number get lower and lower and then all of a sudden it stops. I actually gained a pound last week! (Geez, I admitted it!!!……I gained one freaking pound last week and was MAD!). I am, of course, still eating a plant-based diet and I am still in the gym and hitting my cardio like a good girl. Why in the world did I gain?!? That was my first thought and I will admit to being really upset about it not only for my Sunday training, but for the rest of the night and I didn’t sleep well that evening.

Then there was that feeling that I hate…..feelind stupid. haha! Why am I so caught up in the number on the scale. I have lost almost half of my body in 9 months….and I’m gonna let a one pound gain ruin my night?!?! So I’m going to tackle my frustration like I do any frustration in my life…with a spreadsheet. It’s a nice neat organized way to think things though and make them fit into pretty little boxes 🙂

Achievements Set-Backs
Lost 168 lbs in 9 months Gained 1 lb in one week
Lost 21 inches off of my waist  
Lost 3.5 inches off of my arm  
Lost 4.5 inches off of my leg  
Body fat % went from 60% to 27%  
Stronger than I have ever been  
Healthier than I have ever been  

3 comments on “It’s all in how you look at it!

  1. kim says:

    glad you found a good way to look at it! you are running out of pounds to lose so no worries. you look and feel fabulous. that’s what matters. not a number on the scale one week.

  2. Joni Florence says:

    So glad I read your message this morning ! I’ve been kicking myself in the fanny about gaining some weight from being in “THE BOOT” all dang summer long – pitty parties will only get you so far . . .down ! Well that’s the wrong direction – not going that way again – I am very proud of what I have done for myself over the years too – it’s good to look back for a second at where I was 6 – 7 years ago and where I am now ! WOW – thanks for jerking me back on track ! ! ! Can’t stop me now ! ! ! Love ya so much – keep up the AMAZING work ! ! ! xoxoxo

  3. Tony White says:

    I have never seen stats as incredible as these. You look great Tracy. There is much to be revealed in this life.

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