What a dumbass!!!

When I first started this journey, I used to think Carly (my trainer and mentor) was insane for thinking I would lose 200 lbs. I thought I might lose 80 and then stop and gain back 40, lol. But with every pound that came off, I realized how different I felt. I liked it but one of the major things that I didn’t think I would feel is stupidity. Yes, I used that harsh word….stupid, but that is honestly how I felt for knowing that I put up with being so overweight for 29 years of my life. I take pride in good school grades and I think I’m pretty smart (contrary to my grammar errors in this blog and my constant misspelling of “lose”). Throughout this journey, I was had to question my past living experiences and wonder why I was so stupid not to lose the weight before! This also makes me wonder how many other people are out there settling at their obesity because they don’t know how different life can be. Whenever I need a little motivation (and yes, we all need motivation from time to time!!), I try to remember things from 9 months ago that I dealt with on a daily basis. I’m hoping that by listing some of the these things below, it might spark a memory for someone else……

* Stairs at the water park. I used love going to water parks because I liked to swim and in general water parks are less restricting than amusement parks. I couldn’t fit into the seats on rollercoasters, but give me a big rubber tube and I’m game! But those stairs to the top of the water slides!!! I used to stop to read all of the safety signs a millions times along my trek up the mountain of stairs that they put on those things. I would have to let others pass me, while I panted like a Saint Bernard caught in a heat wave. Not pleasant….I think of this one as I’m doing cardio on the treadmill on a huge incline 🙂

* Pretend peeing. This one is funny, because I’ve been able to admit it and laugh with all of my friends about it. I used to say that stairs always made me have to pee. I would be about two flights up and I would literally say “what is it about stairs that make me have to pee so bad!?!?” and then we when reached the top of the stairs I would run to their bathroom (well never  actually “run” but you get what I mean). In the bathroom I wouldn’t pee, I would just pant and catch my breath in privacy.

* Plastic patio chair…..broken numerous times…not just once. Enough said about this!

* Ex-boyfriend toilet seat. Ok super personal confession, but you all are close friends rights? When I had first started dating my ex-boyfriend, I stayed the night at this house. I got up in the middle night to sneak away for a bathroom break and sat down on the commode. When the seat broke!!! How freaking embarrassing.

* Beach chairs…….I sat down in one of those low to the ground loungers beach chairs that had arms on it. I then went to get back up and YEP the chair was definitely caught on my booty. I had literally wedged my butt into the chair and had to pull it off.

* Getting engagement ring sized up. I had to get my ring specially sized because my fingers were so fat. Also necklaces always had to extenders added to it, and bracelets were never large enough.

*I was really good at floating in the pool. haha!!!

And now for the obligatory uplifting comment…..the things I will remember with my life

* Being able to live without cover-ups, lies, and embarrassing moments regarding my weight.


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  1. Krissie says:

    I really like that picture…

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