Something more upbeat!

Well after re-reading my last post, I kinda think I was a little negative and focused on how crappy the past was. Yes I was fat. Yes I was not as happy as I could have been. But I didn’t know any better at that time, and you know that old saying “ignorance is bliss”. I was ignorant as to how amazing life can be after losing some poundage. So this is where I’m going to note “Things I noticed now without the 168 lbs”:

1. Bones! Everywhere….what is this collar-bone? My wrists are shrinking so my old bracelets don’t fit. I don’t have to use my necklace extenders anymore either. I remember the day I was on the leg press machine at Zen Fitness and Chelsea was training me. I felt the side of my knee and freaked out! There was this big lump on the side of it. I immediately thought I had hurt something (even though nothing physically hurt at all), and asked Chelsea about it. She responded “well….*head turn to the side*….that’s your knee, we all have them”. Was my knee bone (that’s the medical term) always there, just buried under my warm insulation of fat?! Isn’t that bone going to miss that fat?? Nope! Neither will the rest of my body.

2. Sizes on clothes matter now. I used to go into Lane Bryant and just try on the largest size of something I could find. If I could get it on, I bought it. Now I there are clothes that are too big for me…..totally new! I can not shop at Lane Bryant anymore because everything is too big. Gap is scary, but I’m going to attack the rest of the mall one day (ok maybe not Forever 21).

3. My cat has a lap to lay on. Did my thigh bones get longer? Nope my gut just got smaller. Spike loves the new area to lay on


Spike…she’s such a badass.

4. Stress? Handled differently for sure. My stress used to be handled with a large fatty meal, wine and being lazy. Somehow that never helped me deal with my stress. Now I have cardio…..seriously they should rename “cardio” and call it “free therapy”. I have learned to completely zone out and process thoughts better while doing exercise. I finish with a plan in mind on how to accomplish goals and not stress about them. I also finish really sweaty and stinky…but I’m told that’s a good thing 🙂



4 comments on “Something more upbeat!

  1. Chelsea says:

    Just to clarify.. ‘knee bone’ = head of fibula. love, the former APK major

  2. kshaw21866 says:

    Cardio is definitely the best stess reliever out there for me too, and it always seems to help me work through problems. I wonder how long I’ll have to run to come up with a plan that will get me doing strength training! LOL!

    Another great post!

  3. Mary Lewis says:

    There’s a downside to losing weight too. Buying new clothes in smaller sizes feels great, but gets expensive!

    The two pair of jeans I bought a few weeks ago are almost too big – and they’re definitely too big in the waist, even with a belt. I hadn’t worn a belt in years! Then realized my jeans would fall off without one. 😀

    Are you selling your fat clothes on eBay or through a consignment shop to recoup some money?

  4. kim says:

    awe, spikey loves her mommy’s new lap! smart move to avoid forever 21. we lost the right to shop in that store about…9 or 10 years ago.

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