How did I do it? (this will be a reoccurring theme!).

Hello again….so I posted this blog for the first time last night and got a great response. It’s very flattering that so many people want to know what I have done to lose weight and get healthier. Everyone wants to know how I did it. Here is an updated picture:

October 2011

Thank you to Joy Parker for this photo. She made me feel comfortable at this photo shoot, and she pulled out my “sassy”.

So how did I do it? Well I honestly just kept it simple. I realized that I did not know anything about health and nutrition….umm…hello….I was obese. Why in the world would me, as a 345lbs chick, try to tell a personal trainer anything about nutrition or working out. So admitting to myself that I was ignorant (in a good way) was my first step. Then I just simply did what was suggested and proved to me to be healthy. I didn’t force myself to eat anything I didn’t like. I didn’t starve myself, in fact I had to eat way more than I was used to eating and I LOVED it. I did have to train my brain to think differently. I always wanted to look at the calories and fat on the side of a package (as if reading something had 1000 calories in it, made me put it back and not eat it?!?). I also used to portion out my vegetables so that I didn’t over indulge. haha Now I “over indulge” in every serving of veggies I have and I love it! As I’m writing this…I’m eating! Spinach salad with tomatoes, avocado and a homemade WASABI GREEN GODDESS dressing (recipe posted in the recipe section). Check it out folks and tell me this doesn’t look good (ok I didn’t realize the photo was blurry until after I ate it)!

Green Goddess Spinach Salad

I love the way I eat! I sleep better, think better, feel more focused and poo better (which is important to me). This is how I do it guys, I keep it simple, eat basic ingredients that are combined well. I don’t over think it and I eat what tastes good and makes me feel good.


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