It All Starts Here!!!

I will start by saying that I feel silly for not starting a blog sooner. It is now my 9th month anniversary of being a part of the Unsupersize Me project and I am just now realizing what I have done. When I first started this program, I did not expect to have the results that I have had nor did I think it would be making an impact on others. I thought it was just little (well really big) me starting a diet with a guy that thought he could make me lose weight. I have been shocked and surprised from the very first week (when I lost 17 lbs). I am now deciding to go back through my handwritten journal and document my trek in the means of 2011….blogging! Although I am writing this in the 9th month of the progress, I will reflect back and try to accurately describe these events as if it was the first day. Thank you so much caring enough to read this and your continued support. It means more to me that you will ever know.


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