Fat and Happy?

Contrary to popular belief, you can be fat and happy (or at least trick yourself into being happy). I have never really attempted to lose weight with a large goal in mind. I had noticed that I thought like a fat person, which was just a way of life and not necessarily a bad thing. I know what booths are small at restaurants, which cars have tight seat belts, where parking lots are on a hill, and which friends I will never go to visit because they are up three flights of stairs. I avoid doing anything physically active with friends, movie theatres on dates, and plane rides for travel. I always thought about what food I would bring to friend gatherings, and I hosted a “Tracy Wine and Food Festival” in my house for social activity. I was a social butterfly bouncing from one group of friends to another and always the life the party. I dated plenty, I socialized, I am successful at work and school, and my family life is better than most. What did I have to lose by trying to lose weight? (Flashback vs. reality: I was completely fed up with being fat deep down, but I always projected a personality of the “fat and sassy” girl that couldn’t care less about her weight. This is hindsight though! I had completely fooled myself into believing that I was happy as a fat chick at that time…..it is only now that realize how much happier I am without the weight).


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