Cleaning out the Fridge!

Yes I used to make this for dinner!

Two days after the trip to the cardiologist, it was time for Carly to make a house trip. I purposely did not clean up anything. I left all bad food in the refrigerator, all wine in the rack, and I didn’t even vacuum. I wanted Carly to really get an idea of who I was and how I ate (since I was not the worst eater…..or so I thought).

Working in the food industry, I would consider myself a “foodie”. I would come home at night, stressed and not looking forward to doing schoolwork, and cook a nice steak, top it with a homemade gorgonzola cream sauce and have a side of creamy risotto with pancetta. To drink….wine…sometimes a glass…sometimes the whole bottle. I would then feel so tired and worn out that I would lay on the couch (I recently had purchased a large sectional sofa that was not in my budget, but since I spent so much time on the couch, I valued it as a necessity for my home). I did not drink soda, eat sweets, or indulge in fast foods, so that made me think I ate healthy! Sometimes at night, I would socialize by grilling steaks at my friend, Kim’s house. Or I would go to happy hour and an all you can eat wing night with a guy I was dating. I might even host a dinner party where I would invite people over to my house to indulge along with me. This was who I was and what defined me….everything centered on food.

 Now came the day that all of that would end. Carly went through my refrigerator on Sunday January 23, 2011 and we created a box of food that was to be donated. Included in this box was at least $500 worth of cheeses, meats and dairy products. It was a very relieving moment but it also already started having me question why I ate certain things.

Carly to me: “You have individual artificially flavored oatmeal packets….well oatmeal is good but…”

I, of course, interrupted: “yeah I like those little packages of apple cinnamon oatmeal because they are quick and easy and portion control”.

Carly to me: “but you have apples on your counter and cinnamon in your spice rack…why are you buying the artificial stuff….and you  don’t need to control the portion of foods that are good for you”.

Me to Carly: *blank stare* as I felt silly for not realizing that I could have easily made apple cinnamon oatmeal on  my own, especially since I was such a “foodie”.

After Carly left that day, and all of the non-plant based foods were out of my house, I was left with not much in the fridge, but I had tons of excitement in my body and soul to think creatively in the kitchen again and prepare foods that will help me on my journey. Carly left me with a list of book to read and a workout schedule. We also set up an appointment to go grocery shopping together to restock my fridge.


One comment on “Cleaning out the Fridge!

  1. kim says:

    so i feel kinda bad…didn’t i tell you about that lobster mac and cheese?

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