Chelsea started it all!

Chelsea and I in December 2010

Chelsea and I in December 2010

Chelsea (my employee and friend to me in my office): “Hey I have a question to ask you but I don’t want you to get offended……….do you want to lose weight and be filmed about it?”. She says this as she’s nervously looking at the ground and moving her head in only a way that someone who knows Chelsea would understand. Long story short…she was scared to ask me if my fat butt would like to not be so fat.

Me (to Chelsea noticing how extremely nervous she was to ask me that): “Sure what the hell!”

Chelsea’s response: “awesome this is totally gonna help score brownie points!”

That was how it all started….my friend Chelsea Wright was interning at Zen Fitness and the owner was trying to make a film called UnSupersize Me that followed the progress of someone who is given the tools, knowledge and support to follow a plant-based whole food diet and exercise routine. I was not shy and I’m always an open book so what did I really have to lose……..well I didn’t realize I would lose the weight of a grown man at that time.


2 comments on “Chelsea started it all!

  1. kim says:

    wow! what a difference! i also lost 200 lbs this year and got my life back…ha! 😉

  2. anonymous says:

    that Chelsea girl seems so cool, and what a bamf she looks like in that killer t shirt and serve pants

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