#1 Question:

#1 question I get asked: Are you going to remain vegan after the film ends?

Yes, I can honestly say I’m a vegan and will be for life. Call it anything you want to call it, but I eat plant-based whole foods, stay away from a lot of processed foods and artificial products. I do not eat French fries with fake cheese on them, with a side of Lay’s potato chips, even though all of this is completely vegan. I would instead chow down on a spinach salad with a black bean and roasted corn salsa on the top and have a side of roasted asparagus (insert photo here). This was the best change I have ever made in my life (and I thought the purchase of a self-cleaning litter box for my cat was pretty life changing!). It was so exciting for me to have new things to cook in the kitchen and new ingredients to play with. Shopping with Carly taught me about Tamari, Braggs, nutritional yeast, and the mecca of the bulk section in a fresh food market (I hear angels sing when I’m on the aisle now!).


One comment on “#1 Question:

  1. kathy says:

    awesome blog Tracy. you have had a remarkable journey, and good for you on how well you’ve done. Keep up on the pictures. Gives me hope!

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